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About us

About Bees in Love

Have you ever questioned the "truths" we've been told about in our lifes? If you belong to that minority of people who are curious and open-minded, looking for a like-minded life partner or friends, then we warmly welcome you on our dating site! Bees in Love is a meeting point for conscious, truth seeking people who want to get deep into the rabbit hole and find out more about themselves and the world we live in.

Why the bee? It is a powerful animal and a symbol for seekers of truth:

In a figurative sense, the bee is a symbol for free, conscious people who are looking for truth and inner happiness. Our goal is to bring such people together and thereby make an important contribution. Conscious people change the world for the better, because the truth sets us free and together we can achieve more! For us, the term 'truth-seeking' means striving for knowledge. This includes not only the search on the outside, but also on the inside (as the truth is within you).


"Maya the Bee" breaks out of the system and turns not only her world upside down. As good as a defined situation may be, it can also be hindering. It is therefore important to keep checking values and positions that you have taken. If this is no longer appropriate, the bee invites you to leave this "place", to turn your back on the existing order and to take a new path in your own responsibility - however, always with a view to showing respect for the existing order and maintaining the appreciation of all individuals within it. Diligently and hard-working striving for our own well-being is the responsibility we are allowed to live up to in our lives. It is therefore essential to create the "healthy sweetness" in our lives ourselves (Linhart, Katharina: Krafttier Biene. Retrieved at: [last access: 01.05.2022]).

As a truth seeker, do you sometimes feel alone in this world?

Would you like to connect and exchange ideas with other conscious and truth-seeking people?

Are you tired of having to justify yourself on dates and being judged for your opinions?

Are you longing for a conscious and loving partnership that is about mutual development?

Are health and careful handling of your body and the world around you important to you?

Do you also love your homeland and want to protect an preserve it?

Are you questioning the usefulness of vaccination and current political as well as economical developments?

Are you interested in scientific topics that are practically not allowed to be discussed?

Have spirituality and the paranormal always held a certain fascination for you?

Would you like to contribute to a better world and maybe start a project together with like-minded people?

Does it sound great to spend your free time with people who understand you and to do cool things with them?

If so, then you've come to the right place! Whether you are looking for a life partner, a business partner, or simply friends or travel buddies. Here you can find like-minded people with common values, ideals and interests. If other, additional criteria such as age, diet or leisure activities are important to you, then our matching system (compatibility across three graphs) can help. In addition to that our site is totally independant as well as add free and there are fixed terms without subscription traps.